Opening Portals at the top of Mount Snowdon and chatting with Fairies on our 

Welsh Adventure 2 – 4 September 2022

The Welsh Adventure was arranged after our retreat in Glastonbury where I saw the sword of King Arthur whilst meditating at the top of the Tor.  I decided to follow my inner vision and research more about King Arthur which inspired me to visit Wales and go up Mount Snowdon to open a portal and connect to the Spirits of the land.

I invited students to join me, and we began our wonderful adventure to Wales. It is always pure joy meeting people face to face and sharing incredible conversations that many people would consider strange to say the least.

The train journey up Snowdon was incredible the views made my heart sing as we ascended the mountain. The air was cleaner, the vibrations were softer, and the silence was appreciated.

A small stone circle greeted us when we disembarked the train which we used to open the portal. It was as if the mountain had prepared for our visit!! We sat and connected to the Spirits of the land and called on the Ancestors, the feeling was pure love, my heart was full and we asked that the vibration of the mountain emanate out across the world bringing love and harmony, each of us having our own input on where the energy should be sent to.

As we journeyed down the mountain there had been a definite shift, laughter was the order of the day and even though the clouds were above us we felt the sunshine within.

The following day we went to a forest within the Snowdonia Park, again information that was received in the dream state and it did not disappoint. The sunshine that we had felt inside was now overhead in the sky smiling down on us. We went in search of fairies that I had been told wanted to speak with us in the forest. That they were in a waterfall and held the gift of light.

We walked joyfully, like children, into the forest, totally in awe of the beauty, each of us appreciating and oozing love out into Mother Earth’s atmosphere in our own unique way. At the end of the walk, we had not found the waterfall but a voice within me told me it was at the end of the walk so we carried on and sure enough the waterfall was heard. After a tricky climb we sat and watched the lights dance on the water, we spoke to the lights, and they began to make shapes.

Each of us witnessed the lights communicating with us and it was so wonderfully magical. I don’t think I have ever seen anything  quite so incredible. When we spoke to the dancing lights they responded.

I don’t think I will ever forget the experience in the forest, which reminded me of the Celestine Prophecy when it said the light beings would show themselves in the forest to those ready to see.

It was a truly incredible experience shared with very special people who had open minds and hearts to allow the vibrations to be sustained.