Information to partake in the Research into Crystals for Eye Health

Please choose one set of the following crystals to work with:

Smokey Quartz Eye soothers: This crystal is said to release eyestrain, adjust perception from negative thinking to positive and quell over thinking to produce a clearer vision of the world.

Rose Quartz Eye soothers: This crystal is said to help you see the good in the world, ever heard of the saying rose tinted glasses… well this is exactly what this beautiful crystal will do, it will help you see the good in the world. As always crystals may aid recognition of what needs clearing first so you have a marker to work from.

Agate Eye Soothers:  This crystal works closer to the physical form so I have high hopes of it improving eye sight and focus. Relaxing, regenerating and easing the temples to produce a more sharper more relaxed focus, reducing pressure and ability to see.


Please ensure the crystals are cleansed each time before use thoroughly, select the same crystal for the 4 days, you can try other ones at a different time if you wish, but for this research please use the same crystal so we can ascertain any changes that occur

Use the crystals over a 4 day period however if you have a detox sensation please listen to your body and allow the light to purify and detox before proceeding to the next healing session. For example you may use your crystals Monday, and notice a detox headache so decide to allow the detox to shift Tuesday and continue Wednesday as day 2.

Part 1

Please Assess and document

  • Assess the quality of your eyesight with the chart attached before commencing with the research. (with glasses on and without glasses on)
  • Grade the colour of whiteness your eye is at 1-10 (is there any yellow discolouration)
  • How Focussed are you or do you get easily distracted?
  • How bright are you eyes, maybe take a photo and assess after the work
  • How alert do your eyes appear to be

Assess 1 – 10 mental perception,

  • How clearly do you see your world, your tuths your visions and dreams
  • How do you see others?
  • How do you see others see you
  • How positive  are you,
  • How relaxed is your mind

Part 2

Please document :

  • Your crystal choice and reason for selection
  • The days, and date you use the crystals and the length of time you have them on your eyes
  • Set a clear intention on what you want to achieve from the crystals
  • Document how you felt with the crystals on your eyes during the 20 minute meditation session.
  • At the end of the 4 days re assess Part 1 and monitor any improvement or deterioration.

I hope to interview 5 or 6 people on my podcast week commencing  27 March 2023 who have recorded their findings to offer in information out on the podcast.

Thank you so much for taking the time to investigate with me 😊