Teacher Training


This qualification is aimed at those who have successfully completed the BACH Therapist Diploma in Crystal Healing and attended at least one Postgraduate/ Master Class.

When : 2,9,16,& 23 November 2023

Time: 7 – 8.30pm

Where: On-line

Cost: £180

Tutor: Jackie Winters



The training will cover:

·      A comprehensive understanding of the Crystal Wellness Course, techniques and how to make it your own.

·      Advice on how to deal with the healing experience and how to maintain a balanced, harmonious equilibrium during the re alignment of energy.

·      How to offer kind, gentle guidance on how to progress, support, improve and encourage students who may experience a detox.

·      To work as part of a team who wish to expand the awareness and efficacy of Crystal Healing and becoming a Lightworker.

·      How to write a session plan and deliver a BACH certified course via zoom.

·      Shadow Diploma Classes.

To complete the Training the student will be required to:

·      Attend all 4 tutor led sessions of 2 hours each.

·      Write a session plan for a class.

·      Successfully complete a quiz on the Wellness Course

·      Lead a practical on-line guided meditation.

·      Shadow 1 Diploma Class

·      Complete a Q&A from students.

Once Qualified:

·      The 6-week Crystal Wellness Course is offered to the qualified student for an initial investment of £220.

·      Future Crystal Wellness Courses that they deliver will only incur a small admin charge of £10 per student to enable registration, media promotions and certification.