SOUND HEALING … BACH Crystal Bowl Certification for Level 1


WHEN 9, 16, 23 & 30 January 2024

WHERE- On Line

TIME: 7 8.30pm

COST: £120

RESOURCES: You will need a crystal singing bowl

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Units 1-4 are designed to give a good understanding of how to use crystal singing bowls alongside crystal healing sessions and have foundation of what sound healing is from a spiritual and scientific perspective so that the student can communicate with the crystal kingdom though the power of sound healing. They will learn how to work with crystal singing bowls and become attuned to sensing energy through sound, vibration and frequency.

Topics to be covered include, vibrational sound medicine, energy and the bio sound field and Electromagnetic field, choosing crystals to work with along with the crystal singing bowl, attitude and well-being, cleansing techniques, attunement, aligning chakras with sound and chakra layouts for the natural healing process to occur.

Introduction to Crystal Singing Bowls

Different types of bowls – frosted, clear, alchemy / infused, coloured, practitioner

Different types of bowls, foundational skills & techniques

Client connection, intention setting & core healing techniques

Working with Crystal Singing Bowls & the chakras

Working with musical intervals to help yourself, 1-to-1 clients, and in sound baths

Sample client healing session, pulling together skills & techniques

Incorporating Various Crystals into your session

Using Crystal Singing Bowls to Amplify your 1-1 Crystal Healing Sessions

Creating Sacred Space with Crystals and your Crystal Singing Bowl

Clearing Space with Crystal Sound

Sacred Geometry and Sound healing using Crystal Bowls



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