Sacred Geometry and Crystals … Class 1


What’s  Included :

Video Class.

Podcast recording of the meditation.

 Handout as to the practical session and directions of the technique




In this class I explain how to use the Fibonacci Sequence and Ammonites to reduce a tumour, lump or mass.


We follow the journey of Marie who was diagnosed with Cancer on the face and used both conventional medicine and energy medicine to support her healing.


The class includes details on:

·       What the Fibonacci Sacred Geometry formation is and how to use it

·       What ammonites are and their special ability to take cellular composition back to source and re-establish new healthy cells.

·      A guided meditation to follow and use in your healing practise.


We will receive more updates from Marie as time goes by, in the meantime I would love for you to share any information about the technique so we can help others use energy medicine more productively.