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1 … JSJ and Crystals: 6 Energetic Depths that dense down into form.

2 … 5th Depth: The illusion begins… Pre-tense formation of the Heart and Small intestine

3 … 4th Depth: Pleasure/Fear becoming fluid, the formation of the bladder and kidneys

4 … 3rd depth: Passion/Anger, blood essence, the formation of liver and gallbladder

5 … 2nd depth: Joy/Grief, flow of air and formation of the lungs and large intestine

6 … 1st depth: Contentment/worry, earthed and formation of the stomach and spleen




How to use hand positions, crystals, the breath and knowledge of the energetic depths/dimensions, flows and locks that dense down into the physical form to promote harmony and wellness.

An understanding of how attitude is linked to specific areas of the body and organs.

The process of densing down into form…A process that not only applies to birthing of the soul into physical form but also how dis ease manifests into the body and how to begin reversing the process to restore balance and harmony.

An enlightening journey that will help you get to know yourself more deeply than ever before and realise the absolute gift of being here in human form.

How to stop thinking to find mental peace, release fear and trust the process of life, stop worrying and find contentment, follow your passion and become happier and healthier.

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