Online Class 1


I decided to write this introduction course due to my own success in using energy medicine JSJ to reduce a tumour and avoid horrendous surgery. So, if anyone needs help or advice, I would be happy to offer a consultation.



In this class we will cover:

  • Introducing the principles of energy medicine
  • Energetically densing down into form
  • 5 energetic frequencies and the various velocity of each frequency
  • Suggested daily practise
  • 36 Cleansing breaths
  • Crystal recommendations via light association.
  • Understanding the process of energy healing
  • Purification process and how to deal with detoxification.

It is recommended that you keep a journal of your experiences allow 20 minutes for each exercise and then take time off to allow the body time to rest and recover.

Overexposure to any energy medicine is not beneficial to your health and can be detrimental.

Listen to your body and if you feel “nice” stay with it if you feel “not nice dirty” go steady and gentle with yourself. If you feel nothing it may either be in harmony or closed. only you will know.

Take responsibility for your wellbeing and follow what feels right for you.