Moon & Crystals Masterclass on-line


When: 20 September 2023

Where : On-line

Time: 7pm – 8.30pm

Cost: £37

Tutor: Jackie Winters FM BACH




Have you ever wondered what your moon sign is and how it affects your personality?


This informative Masterclass will educate on:


·       Moon Phases

Each aspect of the moon has a significant energy and when used with full awareness can enhance energy medicine by its pull and push effects.  


·       How to determine your Astrological Moon sign

You will need your date of birth, time of birth and birth zone (location). We will briefly look at the energy of each sign.


·       What Crystals are compatible with the moon.

If you want to connect to the energy of the moon there are certain crystals that will help you and certain crystals that offer the opposite, Fluidity of the moon, stability of the sun.


·       Meditation to connect to the Moon.

Align your awareness with the moon of the evening and discover what the lesson of this quarter has to offer you.


·       Technique on how to capture Moonlight

Learn how to capture the essence of moonlight and use it to bathe in or anoint with.