How I became interested in foraging and how you can too


Sheila Thomas PG BACH will be delivering a talk on : How I became interested in foraging and how you can too


14 December 6.30 – 7.15 pm

Cost £10 (free to members)



Introducing Sheila:


I am a holistic therapist and spent half my life learning many different modalities of spirituality and healing. I am a mother, a nana  and custodian of two staffy pups. I’m soon to retire from my role at my local hospital to focus on my holistic business and do what brings me joy.


I’m from an ancestral line of outdoor people. My mum was born in 1922 and they still had an awareness of the outdoors. As a child I was always collecting something for her to make into something. Sheep’s wool into quilts or berries into a food or drink. This was the same lineage I got my healing and clairvoyance from. Her maternal grandfather owned his own fishing tackle shop in Carlisle which was famous for its homemade fishing flies.


Doing the MBS fairs meant I had to have something to talk to people about so I could engage in conversation. I also had allergies to chemicals, so I started making soaps and other cosmetics . I loved it and it became one of the ways I connected to Mother Earth. It also became a way of meditation for me. Add in Illness and the Covid years and it was fine tuned.


I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you and suggesting how you might start your own journey with our local plants.