Workshop Details:

Length of workshop: 1hour 30minutes

When: Wednesday 13th October 2021

Time::- 7.00pm – 8.30pm UK

Cost of the workshop: £18

Aim of the Workshop: A fabulous online Tutor led workshop.


We will be using crystals to create an energetic space to move in. Using the natural motion and movement of the body suppressed emotions and feelings will be released, muscles will relax and an overall feeling of wellbeing will emerge.

The tutor will guide you to express through dance; enabling you to freely find and return to an equilibrium of balance and harmony within.

Mindfulness and meditation will relax the mind energy, gently encouraging it back into the silence of the present moment.

The results of the workshop will leave the student more conscious of their energetic  internal and external world, thereby heightening their awareness and senses.