Crystal Shaman Gathering … BACH student


Shaman Day 

Gridding the Earth with Crystals to Connect to White Dwarf

Date 26 March 2023

Venue:  Ellastone Parish Hall, Ellastone, Ashbourne DE6 2HB

Time: 10am – 4pm

Cost:  £35



The Day will include:


  • Earth Gridding with Crystals 

( You will require 1 clear quartz as a gift to Mother Earth you can use your own or we will have some for sale)

  • Earth Healing: Accessing Ley/ Dragon Lines

( If you have not listened to the podcast on White Dwarf please listen as Euphoralite Midnight Sky who gave me instructions on how and why we will be performing this ceremony)

  • Drumming

(If you have a drum please bring it along)

  • Holding Space,
  • Meditating
  • Council: introducing the Talking Stick
  • Gratification Ceremony


All welcome.