Personal Development

6 week course £150

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3, 17, 24 April 2023

1, 8, 15 May 2023 

6.30pm – 9.30pm UK time

Would you like to develop your awareness of the energy world to be able to communicate better with the Crystals Kingdom? Then this 6-week course is for you, it is amalgamated with our Diploma Students so you will have the opportunity to become a case study for potential Therapists (receive free healing session) and develop your knowledge along with theirs.

Finding your Purpose

Finding your Purpose: 6 x 3hour Tutor interactive video sessions Cost per person: £150 for the 6 group sessions.

These 6 weeks will be dedicated to taking an in-depth look at finding your passion and purpose in life by marrying crystals into your world. We will cover; How to Create the perfect Healing layout, Advanced Chakras, Basic Geology, Spiritual Laws, Advanced layouts and Mandalas, Subtle Anatomy, the blueprint, Crystal Grids, and Sacred Geometry

You will develop:

A deeper connection to your intuition

Healthier energetic field

An ability to see energy, hear and feel the texture of the energy world.

A clearer communication with the crystal kingdom

Your level of alertness will increase, and you will have a clearer perception of your passion and purpose in life

You will need:

Access to the full colour spectrum of crystals, plus clear quartz points. We cover 22 crystals over 12 weeks but you can use what crystals you have got or we do offer student discount rates to purchase them if so desired.