How to use Crystals

Crystals may be one of the most effective alternative therapies for dealing with stress and anxiety.

Let’s take a look at why.

Stress and anxiety are conditions that are mainly linked to illness within the mind. However, the effects are experienced emotionally and physically in the body via the neurological system. Neurons in the neurological system operate by sending chemical and electrical impulses (subliminal messages) between synapses throughout the nervous system. Common physical responses to this illness being: palpitations, sweating, dizziness, blackouts and shaking amongst others.  Emotionally it can trigger feelings of being out of control, fear, obsessions, neediness…….All of these reactions being a response to thought patterns, and are more likely to affect women than men.

Crystals contain piezo and pyro electrons which, when energetically activated, create piezoelectricity. These subtle electrical impulses emitted by crystals are already being utilized by scientists in watches, televisions and computers. They can also be used to bring stability within the neurological system by directly communicating with neurons. With full knowledge of the crystal frequency and the correct application crystals can make a significant difference in this area.

Statistics state that the three main reasons for mental anxiety and stress in today’s society are thoughts concerned with LACK, UNCERTAINTY and being OVERBURDENED

All the above thought patterns are mental illusions that are most often created by unrealistic expectations of life, self or society.

3 Crystals that can help

Chrysocolla releases feelings of being overburdened. The subtle electrical stimulant emitted by chrysocolla will relax, release and rebalance the energy field. It has been used effectively to improve breathing related conditions, relax shoulder tension and purify the mind.  If you are at work simply hold the crystal on the center of the chest, where feelings of being overburdened have a tendency to lay and take just 5 minutes of your time to exhale fully and allow the natural return of clean healthy air to the lungs. Focus mainly on the exhalation and imagine releasing all of your burdens. The vibration of chrysocolla will soon ease the anxiety.

Jade is known as the stone of good fortune and longevity. It will help you slow down and become more mindful, affording you the time to appreciate life and prosper in all that you do. Jade soothes conditions related to the kidneys and has a calming influence on the mind. This is one crystal that I would definitely recommend for those who identify with the mental attitude of lack. Simply place the crystal on the forehead and massage gently at regular intervals throughout the day.

Howlite:  The frequency of this crystal is both stabilizing and balancing. When the mind locks into uncertainty it can require a strong amount of faith and trust to release the fear that arises. Howlite calms the digestion system and aids present moment awareness by relaxing the stomach nerves associated with anticipation or worry. For uncertainty of the future place a piece of Howlite on the abdomen, for uncertainty associated with the past place it at the nape of the neck and breathe deeply until the anxiety has past.

All crystals should be cleansed and activated before use. If you require instructions on how to do this please visit our website

Did you know that according to government research?

  • 16 million people in the UK experience stress and anxiety.
  • Three in four illnesses of the mind start in childhood
  • 75% of those suffering with stress and anxiety start before the age of 18.
  • 1 in 4 students suffer with stress and anxiety
  • 85% of the national workforce suffers with stress

Stress and anxiety is rising within the UK Crystals can offer a natural approach to self-healing and taking back the control.

Written by Jackie Winters

Author of Messages from Mother Earth and founder of the British Academy of Crystal Healing

Cast your mind to a time when you were extremely happy……. you were more than likely on holiday with beautiful images surrounding you, maybe listening to the bird song or the sounds of the sea, feeling the warmth of the sun nurturing your skin……. All of your senses (sight, sound and touch) were stimulated by beauty and the external world temporarily adjusted the internal. How would you like to live your life permanently in holiday mode? Let’s take a look at what a beautiful mind and will bring us.

Happiness; The mind rules over the emotions….so creating a beautiful mind also creates beautiful feelings. Empowerment; when you can empty your mind at will, you become empowered and stop any unwanted chatter creating havoc with your emotions. Attraction; your outside world is determined by the frequency created mainly from the mind, so when you have a beautiful mind… you got it … you have a beautiful outside world. Love; The crowning glory of creating a beautiful mind is that it irrevocably leads to a beautiful pure heart The element of air is associated with the mind and the two primary colours that are linked to the mind are yellow and white. So our crystals are mainly going to be yellow and white. The yellow crystals will invite focus and the white crystals trust, the two main ingredients to begin creating a beautiful mind. Please remember that you will have to weed out old thought patterns at first and make an effort to choose beautiful thoughts, but with the help of daily mantras, the crystals and meditation this will be a piece of cake and you will soon start to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Create an Altar: Find a nice space in your home that is visible on a daily basis and create an altar aimed at helping you achieve a beautiful mind. Spend time daily meditating and focussing on your beautiful mind. Be gentle with yourself and allow the old thought patterns to just drift away, transcendence takes time. However daily commitment to your altar will expedite the results

I chose yellow calcite to aid with: detachment, focus, clarity, uplifting heavy energies, depression, addiction, happiness, empowerment and will.

Example of thought patterns that can emerge whilst working the yellow frequency

Detachment: Emotional and mental attachments can make themselves known to you as you start working with the yellow ray. You may observe that issues arise linked to becoming free mentally or emotionally from ties that have been binding you in the lower frequencies. This may include power struggles; someone trying to control you or you trying to control someone or something in life … I am sure that you know the script.

A beautiful mind requires you to take control of your thoughts, remain present and accept all situations; knowing that everything will change and transcend as you do the inner work.

Doubt…. The yellow frequency can also unveil doubt. Doubt blocks the manifestation of your higher aspect and often arises from a mind that is not seeing the truth. When this is the case take time to reflect and self-question to find the truth. Maintaining a beautiful mind requires a good connection with the heart – self…

I love this quote by William Arthur Ward as it demonstrates perfectly the neutral mind.

The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist says it will change. The realist adjusts the sails.”  WILLIAM ARTHUR WARD This quote demonstrates detachment from outcome, a present focussed mind and acceptance of what is.

“Is this the best future …. Opportunity… situation…. For ME…..”  When you are in alignment with what is best for you then everything and everyone else falls into alignment too… A beautiful mind will hold the space for everyone and everything to be in the light of beauty.

When enough of us take the time to do the inner work, maintain the higher frequencies and illuminate our world the rest will follow…