Reaching the voice of the soul through sand

Where: On Line

When: 15 November 2023

Time : 6.30pm – 7.15pm

Cost: £10 

Members: Free (Link will be sent)

Nikki Freespirit Wilkinsun

This event has now passed but you can buy the video of the event by clicking on the link.

Nikki is a personal friend of mine whom I met in Mojacar Spain. She is very evolved soul and has an amazing way of communicating with the soul. I think you will find her talk really wonderful and inspiring.

For over 20 years, Nikki has embarked on a profound journey, guiding others through the realms of dance, yoga, and ceremony. Her extensive training and studies in various yogic and dance disciplines, spanning continents from India to Europe, have culminated in her innovative creation: ‘Yogic Dance.’ This transformative practice harmoniously blends mindful movement, dance, and yoga, fostering a holistic connection to our energetic, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Nikki’s expertise extends beyond the domains of dance and yoga. She is a fully trained creative arts and wilderness psychotherapist, dedicated to working with both adults and young people. Her constant drive for creativity and development has brought forth the unique ‘Amarasa’ practice, which masterfully combines the diverse gifts she’s cultivated over the years, offering a distinct and enriching experience.

‘Amarasa’ is an ancient language of sand, leading each individual on a journey of self-discovery, profound transformation, and a deeper connection to the soul. The creation of ‘soul mandalas’ allows people to gain vision, understanding, and experience profound healing, transformation, and integration. Through mindful, meditative exploration, this practice unveils the voice of the soul, revealing how the sands connect us to the Akash, the great enigma. In doing so, it unveils the beauty residing within, guiding each person to their inner wisdom and opening the doorway to the soul’s voice.

‘Amarasa’ doesn’t stop there; it extends to sand readings, where the patterns of our external world and the impact of our relationships and environment on us are revealed, offering invaluable perspectives and insights.

‘Amarasa’ is a transformational self-development practice, designed to help individuals unearth the treasures within themselves. It’s a journey of profound insight, healing, and empowerment, enabling individuals to tap into their inner potential and experience the beauty that resides within. It’s a powerful tool to help people connect with their inner wisdom and transform their lives.”