Crystal Shaman Gatherings.

When:  Autumn Equinox 19 September 2023

Where: The White Room 78 Norbreck road, Blackpool, United Kingdom FY5 1RP

Time: 7 pm – 9.00pm

Cost: £20


Intention: To reflect on what we have learned  so far and document our journey.

Join me in a room with Quartz Crystal walls, it’s extra ordinary!

Mabon is the name Pagans give to this time of the year. It is usually celebrated around the 21 September but we are fine on the 19th 🙂

Autumn is approaching and the daylight and darkness of night should now be in perfect balance . We will be looking at where our life is balanced and gathering the fruits of what we have learned this year so far. Reflection is always an important part of our growth towards maintaining health, wealth and happiness, we can only grow if we have learned from the experiences that we have had.

You will need to bring a journal with you to document what you have learned so far and then we will journey into the future to see how these gifts can potentially enhance our best self.

Join me on this day of celebration to raise energy and share the love and light through the matrix and ley lines of Mother Earth.

We will be:

·       Reflecting and journaling

·       Drumming 

·       Journeying to the future

·       Holding Council

·       Raising the light of the crystals into our body, mind and spirits

·       Performing a ceremony of love

·       Connecting our hearts to each member of the group.

You will leave feeling happy, positive, abundant and topped up with spirit energy..