1 Minute Meditations

This is a 1 minute guided meditation with Smokey Quartz to demonstrate how quickly crystals can bring you back into harmony when stressed or anxious… Just 1 minute to move your awareness back into a more harmonious place and begin the recovery back to harmony. Many of us are dealing with stress or anxiety and I just wanted to share how effective crystals can be. If you like crystals please try it and leave feedback or share with others to help stabilise the energy field naturally. If you would like to know more about Crystals please join us on one of our courses at www.britishacademyofcrystalhealing.co.uk

1 minute meditation using Aventurine to dissolve anger. Frustration, impatience, annoyance are all varying degrees of anger. Here is a 1-minute meditation to help dissolve anger which attacks the liver and gallbladder organs within the body. If you would like to know more we have online Wellness classes regularly throughout the year Check out our website for more details. ALL levels of knowledge welcome.

1 Minute Guided Meditation with Amber to alleviate worry and uncertainty Worry and uncertainty are created by over thinking … what may be.. what has happened… that has an impact on your digestive organs. When you cannot digest your emotions, your life, or your thoughts you ruminate and create unease within the abdomen, which are just possibilities of what may be or facts that cannot be changed. Be willing to release both and find peace, wellness, and harmony in the now, trust that all is well. Amber will aid focus, sooth the mind and help you become comfortable with the uncomfortable thereby relaxing and freeing you from worry. Use this meditation as often as is needed… a quick fix to become the master of your own wellbeing.